G-800: Have you ever wished to have a camera that rings when you have a call?

Being a high tech fan and having a low purchase budget I learned trough the years to analyze every item in my wish list and since this Samsung G800 may be part of it, I’ll be pleased to decorticate this toy for you

I’ll start with the most important features for me


Bluetooth and USB: I’ll not be long… it’s a must. But what worth mentioning is that Bluetooth support A2DP don’t bother your self with acronyms all you have to know is that allow you to connect a fancy STERO wireless headset to help you look more cool , or, dumb, according to your natural charisma
GPRS, EDGE and 3G: I simply don’t care; mobile Internet is just useless considering the inefficiency and expensiveness of data connections. I dare anyone that claim to use it in a daily professional basis.
WIFI: AAAAAAAAA this is awful!! This phone has no wireless!!! I love using Skype on my phone, browsing internet and reading blogs will be impossible if there is no WLAN connectivity.

It’s hard to tell if the camera is the phone feature or if the phone is the camera feature, any way this 5MP embedded with a 3x optical zoom coupled to a 4x one will be more than enough for you photoblogging activities
Sample pictures here and here
The camera also have an interesting face detection function which is not even present even entry level compact cameras!!! This feature helps ‘Phonographer’ to automatically set up the focus
A TV-Out is very practical to show your master pieces to whoever want –or may not- want to see them as long as you have a TV around. No need to print, this is good, very environmental friendly

Memory is great, opting for a standard and cheap medium such as Micro SD is a good mean of exploiting the camera capability of the phone and coupled to a built-in loud speaker this will be perfect to use with the mp3 player however there is something I disliked in a recent Samsung J600 that I offered is that the play lists are drastically limited to a dozen of songs I hope this quack is not present in the G800 and by the way if some one now how to remedy to that please let me know

Key features
Design: Superb, as per Samsung tradition
Almost real camera capabilities
Price, way less expensive that the direct competitor the N95

Missing features
A touch screen, I’m fan of that since I got my Qtek S200 and WIFI capabilities

Hey SAMSUNG be cool… hand it over for a one month trial ;)

NB: Phonographer, don’t try to open your dictionary to look for this word …I just invented it!!!!

3 pensée(s):

Mehdi a dit…

Il a l'air excellent ce téléphone mais est-ce que tu l'as testé?
Parce que pour le prix, j'aimerai bien avoir l'avis d'une personne qui l'a déjà acheté :)

Z Y E D a dit…

Eh SAM ... t entends!!! fo l essayer le tel !!!

@mehdi: for users opinions http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_g800-reviews-2145.php

Akramus a dit…

T pas tro sympa Mr.lamloum ! En + tu C ke C tt simplement du Buzz provoqué et rien d'autre et ke le ZYED ne ne parles pas spontanément du portable, pas vré zaydou?? :)

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