Blogging from my IPod - feeling lonely in a crowd

5:15 at the Dubai airport after 12h traveling all the way from kuala lumpur i finally could sat confirtabely at a snak bar enjoying a fruit salad an orange jucie and a FREE internet access. I tryied to fill my loliness by checking who's of my friends is online but Nada!! traveling alone is boring no matter how cool the trip is. but fortunately for my next travel to Germany i'll not be alone -hope so-
I still have till 8 to board in the plane back to Tunis where a LOT of work is waiting for me :s also a friend's wedding 5 hours after landing..
some times when I stop and think - I do think a lot - I realize that I'm living at 100km/h which is great in a way but what worries me a bit is when we travel too fast we sure arrive but do we really enjoy the trip??
an old friend's advice still echo in my head... I really have to think about it

En Tunisie aussi nous avons des tours !!

J’en ai vu encore qu’une dizaine mais a chaque pays que je visite je me rends de plus en plus compte que la plus grande ville de mon pays, Tunis, n’est en faite qu’un village alors que d autres payes ont des métropoles !!

Nous avons de très beau villages il serait temps d en faire des villes…

En Tunisie aussi nous avons des tours, mais elles datent de plus de 2000 ans il serait temps d’en bâtir d’autres..

PS: ce qui me gene c que le pays ou je suis né ne soit le meilleur que dans mon coeur...

Kuala lumpur by night

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Traveling to Kuala Lumpur - Day one

This is my longest trip ever !!!! I'll just let the numbers talk:

  • Trajectory:Tunis - Tunisia >> Trabels - libya >> dubai - UAE >> Kuala lumpur - Malaysia
  • Total time Spent in travel: 22 jours, fligh taxi and connections included
  • Time spent awake more that 25 hours
  • Distance crossed: more than 10 000 Km
  • Time difference: 7 houres

First impression: Malaysia is green, clean and really modern. people are very kind, amiable and really willing to talk. The weather is warm and humid but ok

I need to get some sleep now, I'll have an exciting day tomorrow, a hole new city and culture to discover and some much new people to meet and interact with.

I can't wait for tomorrow !!

Note to self : do not buy under any circumstances this 40HDD JVC cam coder :D

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