kuala lumpur - I'm coming !!!

Some days when you start a hard working day your are afraid to open your mailbox, your heart stop beating while you see the email's download in progress!!
But hopefully some other days you get surprised by a good news..

Zyed please attend the ***** in kuala lumpur

I was so excited that I was jumping in my office -- today is Friday ware so I'm wearing my adidas thus I can jump :) --

I'm just thinking of the pictures I could take there, the people that I'll meet and the food that I'll try. Discovering a new culture is the thing I like the most so I need your help here floggers (friends/bloggers) have any one of you been there ???

@Ben: can't wait for my new lens ;)

Ok fun is over back to work !

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Karim2k a dit…

Hey Zied congrats, your lenses are coming :) hey a friend of mine have been there for long, he can help you with some tips.

Anonyme a dit…

sahha sahha zaydone hope you all the best

nadhem a dit…

Salut zaydoun j'espère que tu feras un bon voyage, STP appelle moi j'ai pas ton nouveau numéro j'ai besoin de te parler.

Roumi a dit…

Kuala Lumpur me rappelle les cours de géographie... surtout la courbe vertigineuse des précipitations à Kuala Lumpur... c'est une des villes où il pleut le plus au monde, en particulier à cause de la mousson. Tu pourras y prendre trois douches gratuites par jour si tu veux. :p

Z Y E D a dit…

@karim2k: i'll be more than happy if you introduce me

@fatma: merci :)

@nadhem: envoie moi ton num sur zyedaz(@)gmail.com je te rapellerai

@roumi: il me faudra une protection etache pour mon SLR alors!!!

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