Nokia phone explode during charging

As you can see in this picture the mobile phone exploded burning out the bed the sheets and harmed seriously the person who was sleeping in this bed. Actually this person left the phone charging next to his pillow during night time, which is something we all do because we use the phone as an alarm clock. This accident happened with a Nokia phone but can happen with any other phone so please be careful.
Personally I rarely leave my my phone charging during night time, I charge the laptop instead :D. I wonder if a small phone battery can do this what a laptop one will do ?

Please always remember to disconnect eletrical appliances around you while sleeping.

4 pensée(s):

Karim2k a dit…

what happened with that Nokia happened with series of Dell computer last year too during a conference. be carefully also with your laptop.

boum a dit…

Talka7e je7e appel men benladen .

Gloomk a dit…

c'est aussi arrivé avec les xbox lors de son lancement ;)

Roumi a dit…

J'ai toujours eu un téléphone Nokia et pendant des années je l'ai rechargé en le laissant toute la nuit sans surveillance ! :p
Heureusement que je n'ai pas eu ce souci. C'est certain qu'il vaut mieux éviter de laisser charger des choses la nuit ; enfin parfois on n'a pas le choix.
Moi j'ai un vrai réveil... il me fait le champ des cigales le matin. :)

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